Going On A Mountain Hike? Tick The Checklist Below


A hike on a gigantic mountain is one of the most freeing experiences. Going over a tall mountain, the proximity to nature and being surrounded by a very peaceful and calm environment could be one of the most refreshing experiences you have ever had. When you are going on a hike on a mountain, it is essential you get some hiking gear to make your hike a good and memorable one. You need to ensure that you get everything on this list if you want to have an adventurous mountain hike.


In case you have planned to go hiking on a mountain, alone, you need to ensure that you carry carabineers. They are tiny metal clips usually made of aluminum. They are essential for clipping yourself onto the surface of the mountain or even for clipping your gear to them. Based on their styles and shapes, they can be applied for different uses. For locking carabineers, they can be used for securing the rope to the mountain surface. For the non-locking ones, they can be used for holding other gear. Read more about the training for kilimanjaro here.

Belay Device.

In case you have worries of falling during the hike, it is ideal for you to carry a belay device. This is a tiny unit that comes with two slots in which a rope is fed. In case you are hiking with someone else, it will help you in hiking below or above them. In case you are hiking above your companion, and they start to fall, you can pull back on the rope and vice versa. Know more about hiking at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ultimate-hiking-destinations_us_5a130ea4e4b010527d677f0a.


This is another vital gear that you require for a mountain hike. It is wearable in a similar manner as a pair of pants. It comfortably rests on your hips. During the hike, you will have to use it to attach to the belay device. It functions as a safety net for you during the hike on the mountain. You will have to ensure that you wear it tightly to ensure that you do not slip from it in case you happen to flip upside down. Know the cost to climb mount kilimanjaro.


This is another essential hiking gear. A specialized rope is what you will be using. You use the harness to tie the rope, and you will go with it as you climb the mountain. You can track the rope with the use of bolts and carabineers.


Wear cleat-like shoes owing to the uneven surface of the mountain. They should have tread marks to give you a firm grip on the ground.


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